WB America is a wholly owned subsidiary of WB Group SA, one of the premier innovators and manufacturers of integrated UAV, Fire Control, and Tactical Communication Systems.

WB Group is one of the largest private concerns in the European Defense sector. WB focuses on innovation and on development of cutting-edge technological solutions. Our business philosophy is best expressed in our product offering, which includes globally unique solutions deployed in the most demanding markets.

At the core of our product offering is our offering of Fire Control Systems and UAVs which are designed to be integrated with vehicle systems.  By integrating these systems together, we enable end to end control of the battlefield for tactical commanders.


Tactical Comms & Sensors
Loitering Munitions
Weapon Systems

“The ability for a vehicle commander to visualize the battlefield and simultaneously control artillery, loitering munitions, and other assets from a single interface is a game changer.”

– Tactical Vehicle Commander