The FLYEYE is a lightweight, man portable, UAV system designed to provide overwatch and targeting to forward deployed units.  The FLYEYE can also be integrated with our Fire Control Solutions to expand the reach and capabilities of traditional artillery units.

Flyeye Datasheet

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The FLYEYE is a multi-role, man portable UAV, capable of a wide range of missions.

  • Video Surveillance
  • Overwatch (Convoy)
  • Target Identification and Marking
  • Artillery Spotting

THE FLYEYE  can be used as a self-contained man portable system, or integrated onto vehicles with an integrated Ground Control Station.  Designed to be used in conjunction with the WARMATE, the FLYEYE expands the capabilities of ground units, artillery emplacements, and mission specific vehicle systems.

Additional information





Payload Mass





150 Minutes


3500m AMSL (1000m AGL)

Launch Method

Hand Launch

Recovery Mothod

Fully autonomous detachable container (battery and payload) lands with the parachute,
the UAV itself lands controlled by the autopilot until the stall/touchdown at 0 altitude.
Entire procedure is fully autonomous controlled by the flight computer.

Target Acquisition Accuracy

Less than 25m CEP

Landing Accuracy

Less than 25m CEP

Guidance Method

Fully autonomous mode: the operator defines the waypoints on the digital map that UAV is following.
Camera guided modes: UAV follows the camera line of sight.
Semi-manual mode: UAV flight direction is controlled by the operator using joysticks – the autopilot
is in charge of providing the mission safety (mode useful for flights without GPS).

Multi-UAV Options

GCS can control multiple FLYEYES

Payload Options

GS2-UM Dual core (EO and IR). The daylight camera has 10x optical zoom. The fixed lens thermal camera
operates within the 7-13 micrometer range. The payload has two axes gyroscopic stabilizer.
GS3-DL High definition daylight camera with x30 optical zoom. The payload has two axes gyroscopic
stabilizer. System uses advanced software stabilization of the video.
GS3-IR Fixed lens thermal camera within the 8-14 micrometer range.
GS4 Dual core (EO and IR). Also includes a laser highlighter