The FT-5 UAV is a long endurance (12 hours) ISR platform providing real time high definition video surveillance.  The FT-5 is also capable of having other payloads integrated such as radio repeaters to expand battlefield networks.




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The FT-5 is a T-tail, highwing aircraft with two high-efficiency combustion engines which feature integrated generators supplying power to on-board equipment. In its standard configuration, it has a daylight and thermal imaging surveillance payload. The FT-5 also has light, precision-guided armament carrying capacity, circulating ammunition, COMINT/ELINT airborne radioelectronic reconnaissance systems, and contamination sensors. The modular construction allows for easy transport and is ready-to-fly in 30 minutes. There is a portable, ergonomic launch ramp adapted for trailer carriage. The applied technology provides for fully autonomous takeoff and landing. Designed to land in glide mode on rough terrain without having to use airport infrastructure.

Depending on the intended use, the fitout can be modified to the Client’s individual needs and requirements. FT-5 was recognised by experts at the 2016 MSPO International Defence Industry Exhibition where it received the prestigious DEFENDER award.

Additional information





Payload Mass

Up to 30kg (including fuel)




12 hours


5000m AMSL

Launch Method


Recovery Mothod

Fully autonomous detachable container (battery and payload) lands with the parachute,
the UAV itself lands controlled by the autopilot until the stall/touchdown at 0 altitude.
Entire procedure is fully autonomous controlled by the flight computer.

Guidance Method

Fully autonomous mode: the operator defines the waypoints on the digital map that UAV is following.
Camera guided modes: UAV follows the camera line of sight.
Semi-manual mode: UAV flight direction is controlled by the operator using joysticks – the autopilot
is in charge of providing the mission safety (mode useful for flights without GPS).