BMS & Tactical Vehicle Integration

“The ability for a vehicle commander to visualize the battlefield and simultaneously control artillery, loitering munitions, and other assets from a single interface is a game changer.”

– Tactical Vehicle Commander

WB Group is one of the largest privately held companies in the European Defense sector. WB focuses on innovation and on development of  solutions to integrate a wide range of software and hardware subsystems on the battlefield. Our business philosophy is best expressed in our product offering, which includes unique solutions deployed in the most demanding markets.

At the core of our product offerings is TOPAZ-ICMS (Integrated Combat Management System) and FONET TVIP (Tactical Vehicle Integration Platform). TOPAZ-ICMS is a fully digitized Battlefield Management System (BMS) and Fire Control System (FCS) that is NATO interoperable. The FONET TVIP acts as the distributed computing platform for TOPAZ-ICMS and seamlessly fuses a wide range of subsystems into a fully integrated user experience.

By focusing on the fusion of subsystems, WB Group breaks down the traditional information silos that have plagued vehicle deployments in the past and delivers robust a robust platform for deployment of complex BMS/FCS systems.

WB Group is one of the premier developers of Battlefield Management Systems / Fire Control Solutions and integrators of UAVs, Sensors, Weapon Subsystems, and Tactical Communication Systems.

TOPAZ-ICMS in Action