About WB Group America

WB Group America is a wholly owned subsidiary of WB Group, offering state-of-the-art solutions in the America’s and FMS Channels.

  • Observation & reconnaissance systems
  • Communications, command and battlefield management systems
  • Fire Control Systems and Battlefield Management Systems
  • Weapon Systems
  • IT and cybersecurity systems
  • Service, support & modernization of the military equipment

The key advantage of the systems offered by the WB Group America is their modularity and scalability. This allows a great number of WB GROUP America’s products configurations, making it a comprehensive suite of tools for a multi-domain battlefield management in accordance with user expectations.

Our focus is on innovation and on development of cutting-edge technological solutions. WB Group’s business philosophy is best expressed in its product offering, which includes globally unique solutions deployed in the most demanding markets.

WB Group America’s technologies are based on years of expertise gained during operation of group’s solutions implemented in Polish armed forces as well as on long-term cooperation with the most demanding customers all over the world. This makes the WB Group one of the largest Polish exporter of military technologies serving customers in dozens of countries, including US.

Proprietary solutions, which define standards not only in Poland but also globally, are the source of WB GROUP successes on the global market of military systems.

As a global company, WB GROUP has offices and technological centers in the most developed regions all over the globe. From Asia and the Middle East, to the US, the Group employs over 1200 people, more than a half of whom are engineers and R&D staff.


Communications and command systems are the flagship solutions in WB GROUP’s portfolio. Situational awareness, quick decision making and analysis of informations provided by reconnaissance sensors are the key to gain advantage on a complex, multi-domain battlefield,

WB GROUP’s engineering team designed a fully integrated solutions in the field of communications and command, based on OODA (Observe Orient Decide Act – OODA loop).

Currently the WB GROUP’s C4ISR systems are operated not only by the Polish Armed Forces, but also by armed forces of such countries, as United States, Sweden, Malaysia, Hungary, Slovakia and India.


A quick enemy information acquisition and the situational awareness at every level of command are the key to gain advantage on a multi-domain battlefield.

One of the most effective situational awareness tools are the modern unmanned systems and observation sensors.

Long-term experience in operation of UAVs gained by WB GROUP’s engineering team, also in combat conditions, make the equipment offered by the WB GROUP reliable and proven solutions dedicated for specific user needs.


Quick reaction and threat elimination capability is essential to mission accomplishement. The advanced strike systems designed by WB GROUP’s engineering team such as the loitering munnition systems, and rocket systems allow to eliminate targets with unprecedented presition.


The years of expertise in the field of military vehicles special equipment have led to gaining competence in the field of army equipment modernization. Today WB GROUP offers comprehensive, advanced communications, command and electromechanical fire command systems operating according to NATO standards.


WB GROUP is an engineering technology center gathering a group of renowned experts in the field of dedicated electronic solutions, special communications, cryptography and electronic solutions.