FONET MK2 – Revolution through Evolution


For the first time in Poland, the WB Group presented the development of the FONET digital data exchange platform, designated FONET MK2. However, this is not a successor to the solution, which, as Piotr Wojciechowski, President of the Management Board of the WB Group, emphasized, is more than 10,000. the most popular in the world. FONET MK2 adds new functionalities in a modular form and can be combined with existing systems installed on vehicles.

The international premiere of FONET MK2 took place during this year’s AUSA conference and was associated, as representatives of the WB Group say, with a commercial project implemented and promoted during this event. The main advantage of the MK2 version is that selected modules or the whole can also be implemented on vehicles already equipped with the “standard” FONET system. It does not require any changes in terms of power supply or cabling, apart from new elements, of course.
The main advantage is a significant acceleration of the start of voice communication, which is available just a few seconds after starting the network, which is especially important when the vehicle is started in the emergency mode. Greater processing power allows for the implementation of new functions, such as: increasing the number of radio channels with MELPe 2400 encoding, increasing the number of encoded voice streams, new functionalities such as voice control, the “speech to text” function, processing of video streams from unmanned systems and on-board cameras or a record.

The user’s desktop is equipped with a 3.5 “graphic display with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, which makes it possible to display video or conduct videoconferences. The modular design of the user’s desktop allows for configuration depending on the needs, both in terms of functionality and security level. installation of the MK2 user desktop with an increased level of security or a module equipped with two security levels.

Thanks to this, with the use of one set of headphones and a microphone, you can connect via separate networks, e.g. with an explicit and NATO Secret level. Both modules are separate not only in terms of signal transmission and encoding, but also separate shielded power supply and electromagnetic protection. To enable communication with the use of one microphone, the desktop has two displays and programmed function keys and a switch between the two operating modes.

It is, of course, modular and scalable as needed. Systems requiring a high level of security can be equipped with many security functions, such as Virtual Private Network, VLAN and SYSLOG with encryption support, built-in firewall, encryption mechanisms and the possibility of using encryption mechanisms by the customer for whom the system is delivered. The aforementioned operating mode in systems with a different classification clause (e.g. open / secret), encrypted interfaces for communication management as well as a very important option of alarm data deletion (Self Destruction Mode).

It is worth noting that it is not a concept or a model of the FONET MK2 system, but an already functioning solution that has been tested and presented for testing as part of the ICT system model for the National Command Vehicles, where, along with other products of the WB Group, it underwent a series of tests carried out under the supervision of IU MON, CWSD, ZWDiŁ, NCBC. The solution based on the FONET MK2 system will be offered in the procedure for the ICT system for the national Command Vehicles based on the Rosomak 8×8 APC chassis. The WB Group offers this solution also for export, both as an installation of new FONET MK2 systems, as well as a modification of already usable FONETs.


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