120mm Fully Autonomous Mortar Turret

The WB 120mm FAMT (Fully Autonomous Mortar Turret) represents the very state of the art in fully autonomous, unmanned large caliber weapon systems.

With the ability to be fit in most APC platforms, the FAMT weapon system can be deployed by a wide range of users.

When paired with WB’s FONET mk2 Vehicle Integration Platform and TOPAZ ICMS (Integration Combat Management System) the 120mm FAMT reaches it full potential.  Whether SOTM (shooting on the move) or Shoot/Scoot the FAMT has high first shot accuracy.

When further paired with WB’s Flyese UAV, which is further integrated with FONET and TOPAZ, direct human interaction is reduced during the observation and correction portion of a fire mission thus increasing overall safety and control.


  • Fully Autonomous / Remote Firing Capable
  • MRSI Capable
  • Direct Fire Capable
  • Ability to reload without depressing barrel



Technical details
  • Caliber 120mm Smooth Bore
  • Arc of Fire 80 degrees elevation -3 degrees depression
  • Traverse 360
  • Max Rate of Fire 6-8 rounds per minute
  • Sustained Rate of Fire 4-6 rounds per minute
  • Magazine Fully Automatic / Self Loading Breech
  • Magazine Capacity 20


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