Handheld COMP@N radios can be connected to the vehicle adapter and power amplifier to create mobile or stationary set. Mobile adapter is a device which enables the use of COMP@N handheld radio in vehicles (e.g. light tanks, transporter vehicles). This set provides a secure attachment and a possibility for easy removing of the radio, without outages.

After installing the radio in the adapter, it is being automatically switched to work with vehicular data communications system and power amplifier (if such is installed). In such set, a radio is powered via an adapter with the onboard network of the vehicle, while ensuring the charging of its battery from vehicular power supply. The adapter also provides an access to interfaces of the radio through a dedicated connectors, enabling further integration with on-board systems.

Mobile set, which consists of handheld COMP@N radio mounted in vehicular adapter, can be extended with power amplifier. It allows to work with maximum power 50 W, which significantly increase radio range. The amplifier is powered from the vehicular power supply and is designed for all the COMP@N family radios.