​The FLYEYE is a lightweight, man portable, UAV system designed to provide overwatch and targeting to forward deployed or mobile units. Flyeye was designed to be integrated into WB’s TOPAZ Fire Control System to expand the reach of a wide variety of unit missions. When used in place of Forward Oberservers in indirect fire applications, the Flyeye can provide precision targeting information for increased first shot accuracy.

– Man Packable
– 2.5 hour Endurance
– 30km LOS Operating Range
– Hand Launched
– Radio System Agnostic
– High Precision Targeting for Indirect Fire Applications
– HD Surveillance


The Flyeye UAV is a multi-role system which can be utilized in the following applications:
  • Basic, Short-Term Observation and Reconnaissance missions by forward units
  • Target Identification, Tracking, and Positioning for Indirect Fire Applications
  • Loitering Munition Companion. When used in conjunction with a Loitering Munition such as Warmate, the Flyeye can provide extended overwatch before, during, and after a strike to ensure proper acquisition and prosecution.
  • Compatible with UGATE and PERAD


  • Flight modes: Fly to Destination, Orbit, Tracking/Optical Gimbal Lock, Escort Mode
  • Precise target ID and Location Relay to BMS/FCS
  • Hand Launch
  • Ejectable Payload to reduce landing stress
  • Equipped with PERAD 6010 for “satellite-like” range extension for dismount troops.
Technical details
  • Wingspan 3.6 meters
  • Fuselage length 1.8 meters
  • Flight duration 150 min
  • Maximum Altitude 4000 meters AMSL
  • Datalink Range 30 kilometers
  • Datalink Range (with 15 meter mast) Up to 50 kilometers




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