FONET Mk1 Lite Central Unit

The FONET Mk1 Basic Central Unit is the “light” version of the FONET mk1 & mk2 Central Units.  Delivering high quality voice only services to users with budget constraints or limited needs.

With over 10000 systems deployed, both through WB directly and it’s licensed resellers, FONET Mk1 has a truly global footprint. The FONET mk1 system allows users to interface and  remotely manage a wide range of radios from companies such as; L3Harris, Thales, Codan, Silvus, Radmor, Datron.  Additionally users can integrate various sensors, vehicle informatics, and weapon systems to provide a centralized user interface.

Deployed Mk1 systems are upgradeable to Mk2. Learn more about FONET mk2.

NSN 5830-01-608-5936 is based on FONET mk1.




FONET mk1 Basic Central Unit is cost effective version of CentralcUnit equipped with a range of interfaces allowing forcooperation with the devices incorporated into a combatmilitary vehicle equipment and with terminals of the FONETsystem. It is responsible for digital voice communications and data transmission between integrated means of communications, superior officers etc.With the built-in network interface, it provides IP services such as VoIP telephony and data transmission in distributed networks.

The FONET mk1 Basic Central Unite provides the following interfaces:

  • Power supply port;
  • Main connector;
  • Test and Ethernet connector

Central Unit Lite can support (via main connector):

  • 4 FONET line interfaces for crew member units or vehicular PC terminals;
  • 2 radio interfaces (audio and PTT);
  • 1 asynchronous data port (RS232/RS422) with power supply output for GPS receiver;
  • 1 audio output for speaker;
  • vehicle power outlet for speaker supply or helmet ANR

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