FONET mk2 Central Unit

The FONET mk2 provides a significant capability increase over mk1.  With a quad core ARM processor, and increased external connections, mk2 takes the next natural step to providing end users with a highly adaptable system for deployment in complex BMS, Fire Control, and Cx deployments such as AFATDS, Systematic, and Topaz ICMS.

With an integrated switch, the mk2 Central Unit’s architecture enables deployment of sophisticated comm suites, while eliminating the need for external devices.

By increasing the processing power and modernizing the system architecture, the mk2 Central Unit can host additional applications such as an ATAK Server or other edge/distributed computing applications.


Exceeds Requirements/Performance of NSN 5830-01-608-5936 ( 5830016085936 )


Technical details
  • CPU Quad Core ARM Processor
  • Radio Connections 8 Two-Wire Radio Connections (extensible to 12)
  • Ethernet 6 Ethernet Connections
  • USB 4
  • Serial 5 RS-232
  • Crew Stations Up to 12 Crew Stations
  • Voltage Range 18-36 vdc
  • Dimensions 85mm x 153mmx 256mm
  • Weight 2.2kg

FONET mk2 Datasheet



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