FONET mk2 MP Central Unit

FONET mk2 MP Central Unit is a LINUX-based specialized computer. It is the core of the FONET Intercom System. It switches voice channels and routes digital data packets between IP-based end-user stations (crew member units, terminals) and other devices. This variant of the FONET Man-Packable Central Unit is lighter, smaller and completely portable, while featuring the ability to be powered by an industry standard battery.


Technical details
  • CPU Quad Core ARM Processor
  • Radio Connections 8 Two-Wire Radio Connections (extensible to 12)
  • Ethernet 6 Ethernet Connections
  • USB 4
  • Serial 5 RS-232
  • Crew Stations Up to 12 Crew Stations
  • Voltage Range 18-36 vdc
  • Dimensions 85mm x 153mmx 256mm
  • Weight 2.2kg


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