The FT-5 is a tactical short range Unmanned Air System (UAS), that is used for intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance of the battlefield, sensitive areas, national borders, natural disasters. Construction allows for long endurance flight which gives possibility to sustained control and monitoring wide range of area. High available MTOW allows for armament integration or additional sensors like SAR radars or electronic warfare. The FT-5 can stay airborne up to 10 hours (depending on configuration), transmitting real-time data and high quality video.


  • Capable of carrying ordnance.
  • Radio communication range up to 150 km LOS.
  • Simple operation, logistics and handling.
  • Modular design for easy transport of disassembled system into modular components.
  • Sensor and fitout modification possible.
  • High available MTOW
  • Long-range surveillance and target tracking capability.
  • Real-time data transmission.
  • Precision laser distance-measurement sensors to object.
  • Flight path pre-programming with capacity for flight path changes while airborne.
  • Digital connection for bidirectional transmission of flight control parameters, data and video imaging.
  • Real-time video signal reception and telemetry data transmission to GCS (via transmitting/receiving station).
  • Secure, encrypted data transmission.
  • Control can be taken over by distant station, increasing its practical operational range.




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