PERAD 6010 "Silent Network" Radio

With a low power spectral density, frequency hopping and built-in encryption algorithms the PERAD 6010 provide an effective barrier to prevent unauthorized signal detection and capture. Smart solutions reduce power needs and energy saving functions enable days of operation.


Download “Silent Network” Overview

The PEARD 6010 with the Mercury Waveform was designed by WB GROUP to support a wide range of interoperability standards, allowing commanders to share situational information with coalition partners. Each radio serves as a network node or a miniature base station supporting other nodes within the interactive network. As a result, all system elements, including the most remote points of the network, have reliable access to data transmitted within the system, providing the most advanced ICT infrastructure functionalities required whenever the use of the standard networks is not an option.

Full feature multi-user conferencing, straightforward operation, superb ergonomics and reliability make PERAD an outstanding high-performance product for military [and commercial] applications. A combination of excellent sensitivity and selectivity, built-in intelligent anti-jamming algorithms and self-configuring MANET network make PERAD a true enabler providing a full range of new interoperability capabilities.

The PERAD radio can be used in multiple configurations to evolve with battlefield movements and deployments. It is compatible with other WB GROUP’s solutions such as the dismounted observation & command AR technology system U-GATE.




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