Tactical Router

The PRTD-RT Router is a field-proven rugged router designed for use in a wide range of tactical vehicles as well as for demanding industrial applications.



Technical details
  • CPU Intel Core I7 up to 2.8ghz
  • RAM 4GB
  • GPU Intel HD Graphics
  • Serial Ports up to 9 RS-232/422/485/CAN
  • USB up to 6
  • Video Input up to 4
  • Ethernet up to 4
  • Operating System Microsoft Windows


The PRTD-RT enables secure and efficient deployment of modern digital networks onboard tactical vehicle platforms in applications such as; Command and Control (C2), Battlefield Management Systems (BMS), Situational Awareness, as well as sensor and weapon system integration.

The PRTD-RT includes a wide range of network connection interfaces which allow for seamless connection to a range of tactical networks, both within vehicles and command posts. Designed to be scalable, the PRTD-RT can be deployed in a wide range of configurations depending on the users needs.

The open architecture and the software of the PRTD-RT router provide not only a variety of network standard protocols, but also customer specific protocols. The builtin security functions include; network firewall, hardware based cryptography, and Quality of Service (QoS). These unique features deliver outstanding flexibility and makes the PRTD-RT Router a perfect choice for demanding and information security oriented applications. The PRTD-RT design ensures trouble-free operations in harsh operational environments of wheeled and tracked vehicles where the equipment is exposed to shocks, vibrations, dust wide range of humidity and ambient temperatures.





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