The TOPAZ-ICMS RV (Recon/Vehicular) Kit is designed for short, medium, and long range engagements from a fixed emplacement such as a forward operating base..  Additional applications for this kit include facility overwatch and security, augmenting TOPAZ-ICMS MP & RV kits.

This kit includes

  1. U-GATE Augmented Reality End User Device
  2. PERAD 6010 “Silent Network” Radio
  3. COMP@N Radios
  4. Warmate TL (Tube Launch)
  5. FONET mk2 (mounted in Vehicles and Command Center)
  6. TOPAZ-ICMS Strike Module
  7. TOPAZ-ICMS Recon Module
  8. TOPAZ-ICMS Tactics Module 
  10. FT-5 UAV
  11. Flyeye UAV (Optional or in place of FT-5)
  12. Warmate 1 (short/medium range targets)
  13. Warmate 2 (long range targets)