Warmate 2

WARMATE 2 is a longer range, strategic loitering munition. The much larger WARMATE 2 adds more impact power and flight endurance to the precision and swiftness of WARMATE. A munition providing a highly accurate strike capability with an anti-personal, anti-armor or thermobaric warhead, is capable of changing the course of the battle and destroying targets without human intervention.


The combat Air Vehicle (AV) provides a highly accurate strike capability with an anti-personal, anti-armor or thermobaric warhead. The addition of a daylight and thermal camera (uncooled IR), integrated in the fuselage allows for automated targeting and the assessment of a target before finalizing a strike. The AV is catapult launched and ruggedized, vehicle mounted ground station controls the operation of the air vehicle. Each WARMATE 2 AV is stored and transported in dedicated hard case, which allows to charge onboard batteries without pulling AV out. WARMATE 2 is designed to be integrated with the vehicle, therefore all ground segment devices are optimized for integration and operation on ground vehicle, all additional equipment for transportation, launch and communications devices


  • Designed to be launched from a fixed emplacement or vehicle
  • Easy to use interface
  • Ideal for strategic use from a Forward Operating Base (FOB)
  • Available with choice of warhead types (HE, FAE, Anti-Armor/Squash, Training)




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