Warmate V

WARMATE V is a new product joining the family of the WARMATE loitering munitions systems, designed to detect, locate and destroy the target. This small, multi-rotor based VTOL system provides an ideal solution to carry out a military mission in a dense urban environment where the use of fast unmanned aircrafts is impossible.


The implementation of the avionics module, warheads and operation algorithms, as well as the GCS and GTD inherited from the first WARMATE system makes this multirotor a cost- effective solution to provide new combat capabilities to the Warmate loitering munitions technology. Depending on the type of mission, WARMATE V can be equipped with the warhead or the observation payload. The end user can use the WARMATE ground segment which is identical for both systems. For reconnaissance missions, the system’s load capacity and landing method allow for integration of theobservation payload weighing up to 1600g.

This light, portable, user-friendly multirotor is designed to be used on the highly urbanized terrain which rules out the use of the fixed-winged unmanned aerial systems. In addition, the hover mode allows the multirotor to stay in a stable position in one spot and achieve the altitude hold to provide optimal observation capabilities. This ensures the precise target identification from any angle in any position.




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