Battlefield dominance at your fingertips

WB Group America’s TOPAZ Integrated Combat Management Systems (TOPAZ-ICMS) System is an evolution in modern Fire Control and Battlefield Management Systems.  Scalable from small recon teams to complete combat theaters, TOPAZ learns and adapts to the end users needs.

see TOPAZ-ICMS in Action!


Our system is constructed with five discrete application modules.  End Users can select the modules that best suit their unique needs.


Wondering how best to deploy TOPAZ-ICMS?  We have pre-configured kits that help end users understand the scalability and adaptability of the system.  Kits are fully customizable to the end user.

TOPAZ-ICMS MP  (Dismounted Strike)

Suited for small dismount teams and reconnaissance units striking targets at short range (sub 5km).

TOPAZ-ICMS RV (Mounted Strikes)

Optimized for small mounted teams operating from light or medium armored vehicles engaging targets up to 50km.

TOPAZ-ICMS FB (Strategic & Tactical Strikes)

Designed for fixed emplacements where more substantial weapon systems can be applied to target prosecution up to 100km.

TOPAZ-ICMS AO (Theater Level Oversight)

Designed as the highest echelon kit, this configuration is meant for theatre wide oversight, command and control.