Battlefield dominance at your fingertips

WB Group America’s TOPAZ Integrated Combat Management Systems (TOPAZ-ICMS) System is an evolution in modern Fire Control and Battlefield Management Systems.  Scalable from small recon teams to complete combat theaters, TOPAZ learns and adapts to the end users needs.

AI Enhanced Targeting Capabilities

TOPAZ leads the market with the integration of UAV and other optical sensors into weapon systems, the ability for the system to aid users in identifying targets.

The TOPAZ System ingests imagery from our UAV’s, which is then processed by our AI kernel rendering precise target classification and position.

no subsystem left isolated

Our engineering team are experts at integrating weapons, controls, sensors and communication systems into a unified control interface sets WB Group America apart from traditional BMS and “intercom” providers.

Unlike voice only intercom systems on the market, WB’s FONET system creates a broad reaching integration platform to efficiently host applications such as TOPAZ-ICMS.

Complete Autonomy and Control.

One of the most impressive integrations we’ve executed with our partners.  Watch the RAK 120mm mortar system function with no direct human interaction.

a fully integrated ecosystem

Watch a battlefield scenario of the TOPAZ-ICMS System in action!

Targets are surveilled, identified, targeted and prosecuted from a singular interface.  Prosecution of a target may be by any type of effector ranging from loitering munitions, indirect fire artillery, or dismounted troops depending on the analysis of the commander.

Dismounted reconnaissance units are also fully integrated into the system with the ability to take local control of surveillance UAV’s or Loitering Munitions.


Wondering how best to deploy TOPAZ-ICMS?  We have pre-configured kits that help end users understand the scalability and adaptability of the system.  Kits are fully customizable to the end user.