FONET Tactical vehicle integration platform

With tens of thousands of systems deployed, and over 20 years of tactical vehicle integration, the FONET Tactical Vehicle Integration Platform is unlike any other system on the market.

No Limits

Developed as the companion to TOPAZ, the FONET System not only serves the traditional function of an “intercom” but also as a complete information integration system.  FONET becomes the central interface for all vehicle subsystems to improve efficiency of vehicle crews.

Interface with Any Radio

The FONET Product Line takes radio interactions to next level. Most tactical radio manufacturers operate in a mindset that end users will only interact directly with their radios even if there is a common intercom available. This is where FONET is different.

FONET takes the capabilities of each radio it connects to and fuses them into one coherent and seamless system for end users. Whether an end user needs to crossband between waveforms, or make QoS decisions about which comm network to use, FONET does it.

Radio Companies FONET is compatible with;

  • Radmor
  • Codan
  • Cobham
  • Datron
  • Thales
  • L3Harris
  • Elbit
  • Trellisware
  • Silvus

The FONET Platform is easily scalable and adaptable to end user requirements.  The system can be scaled from simple voice communications, up to a completely integrated voice and data integration hub.

Additional radio manufacturer interfaces available on request.