Warmate TL

The WARMATE TL Loitering Munition Systemis a combat vehicular UAV that provides a highly targetedstrike capability with either an antipersonalor anti-tank warhead.


The Warmth TL’s unique feature is that it has a folding wing structure in order to fit inside a canister-launching system. The system can be launched pneumatically from a tube mounted on any ground vehicle, at which point the wings unfold once it is airborne.


The attack mode initiates a strike on a selected target, and control of the AV is fully-autonomous during a strike. The user is shown a video feed, at the mobile control station, from the camera mounted on the front of the warhead, and this can be used to assist in directing the aircraft.


The WARMATE airframe can incorporate various types of warheads (training, high-exposive anti-personal, anti-tank), which are interchangeable and can be changed in the field depending on the mission objectives.

User Friendly

The WARMATE System includes a mobile ground control station (GCS) that is easy to use and provides a real time video feed to the user. A wide range of autonomous flight modes can be managed at the GCS.




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